The first complete and authoritative book on yawning

The first complete and authoritative book on yawning
The Mystery of Yawning in Physiology and Disease
Editor Olivier Walusinski
Yawning is a stereotyped phylogenetically ancient phenomenon that occurs in almost all vertebrates. As an emotional behavior and an expressive movement, yawning has many consequences; nevertheless, it has so far been poorly addressed in medical research and practice.
Bringing together the latest research from many fields, this volume integrates current insights within embryology, ethology, neurophysiology, psychology, fMRI and pathology. The phylogenetic and ontogenetic aspects of yawning offer an interesting perspective on human development, and its occurrence in neurological diseases - an area explored by only a few investigators - may provide useful clinical information.
This book will make valuable and fascinating reading to neurologists, sleep specialists, psychologists, ethologists and pharmacologists, as well as to anybody interested in uncovering the mystery of yawning.
Fields of Interest Neurology; Psychology; Behavioral Research, Neurobiology, Pharmacology, Primatology, Sleep Research

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Preface by Julien Bogousslavsky
Along with laughing, crying, or even coughing, yawning is a mysterious and fascinating physiological phenomenon, which has also been little addressed in disease. These phenomena share in common a complex, paroxysmal, motor-respiratory interaction, with the characteristic to be strongly influenced by emotional factors. For instance, while yawning is commonly associated in the public with boring situations, it is also typically leading to a feeling of pleasure, especially when its full completion takes place, with tonic limb extension.
However, many aspects of yawning remain unknown, and it may be a surprise to many of us to read in the following pages that it may also correspond to a strong sexual signal in several instances… Dr. Olivier Walusinski is to be congratulated for putting together the fascinating chapters of this book, which concentrate on a topic, on which neurologists would be unable to write more than one sentence. The phylogenetic and ontogenetic (with fetal yawning) aspects highlight an interesting perspective on biological and human development, while the occurrence and features of yawning in neurological diseases also constitute a field, which has been explored by only few investigators.
Dr. Walusinski not just one of them, but it is obvious that he has now become the most encyclopedic expert on yawning and its associated manifestations, as well as its neurobiological correlates. And it should not be ignored that he has accumulated this large sum of knowledge in parallel to his daily general practitioner work for the last 30 years ! Acquiring scientific peer-recognition is not an easy task for an « outsider », and we must say that the actual result, contained in the present book, is beyond any of our initial expectations. Contrary to most other books focusing on a specific neurological behavior or condition, the present work opens surprising windows, on history of neurology, human and animal behavior, and even philosophy. The perfect anti-yawning reading !

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Preface: Bogousslavsky, J.
Foreword: Walusinski, O.
Historical Perspectives: Walusinski, O.
Popular Knowledge and Beliefs: Walusinski, O.
Yawning throughout Life: Giganti, F.; Salzarulo, P.
Fetal Yawning: Walusinski, O.
Sleep, Sleepiness and Yawning: Giganti, F.; Zilli, I.; Aboudan, S.; Salzarulo, P.
Interplay between Yawning and Vigilance: A Review of the Experimental Evidence: Guggisberg, A.G.; Matthis, J.; Hess, C.W.
The Hidden Sexuality of the Yawn and Future of Chasmology: Seuntjens, W.
Non-Human Primates: A Comparative Developmental Perspective on Yawning: Anderson, J.R.
Punishment-Induced Fear Modifies the Daily Course of Yawning in Rats: Moyaho, A.; Valencia, J.
A Thermoregulatory Behavior: Gallup, A.C.
Neuropharmacology of Yawning: Collins, G.T.; Eguibar, J.R.
Yawn, Yawn, Yawn, Yawn;Yawn, Yawn, Yawn! The Social, Evolutionary and Neuroscientific Facets of Contagious Yawning: Platek, S.M.
Developmental and Comparative Perspectives of Contagious Yawning: Senju, A.
Methodological Problems in the Study of Contagious Yawning: Campbell, M.W.; de Waal, F.B.M.
Exploring Yawning with Neuroimaging: Nahab, F.B.
Associated Movements in Hemiplegic Limbs during Yawning: Meenakshisundaram, R.; Thirumalaikolundusubramanian, P.; Walusinski, O.; Muthusundari, A.; Sweni, S.
Associated Diseases: Walusinski, O.
Frontiers of Neurology and Neurosciences, Vol. 28
Series Editor: Bogousslavsky, J. (Montreux)
ISSN 1660-4431 / e-ISSN 1662-2804
The Mystery of Yawning in Physiology and Disease
Editor: Walusinski, O. (Brou)
XIV + 160 p., 14 fig., 1 in color, 5 tab., hard cover, 2010
CHF 198 / EUR 141.50 / USD 198.00
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