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First International Conference on Yawning, Paris 2010, june 24 & 25
Program pdf
Abstract in English
Yawning: unsuspected avenue for a better understanding of arousal and interoception 
Why a paralysed arm raises during yawning?
Fetal yawning assessed by 3D and 4D sonography
Echokinetic yawning, theory of mind, and empathy 2007
Yawning : its cycles, its roles (pdf)
Yawning, Why and When? Flaskerud JH 2016
Video of a typical Yawn
Why do we yawn? past and current hypotheses pdf
Yawning and Fetal Yawning in Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreams: The Evolution, Function, Nature, and Mysteries of Slumber, published by ABC-CLIO
Fetal Yawning in Sonography Edited by Kerry Thoirs Publisher: InTech
How yawning switches the default-mode network to the attentional network by activating the cerebrospinal fluid flow
Yawning: its anatomy, chemistry, role and pathological considerations 2018
Contagious Yawning In Encyclopedia of animal Cognition and Behavior 2018
The mystery behind "yawning": a physiological insight. 2020
The Significance of Repetitive Yawning in the Emergency Patient
Why do people yawn ? 1999
Why do we yawn ? Guggisberg A 2010
The functional relationship between yawning and vigilance (new 2007)
Yawning and the thermoregulatory hypothesis by Andrew C. Gallup
Yawning: a new theory by C. Rebbe december 2011
Yawn. Latest research awakens debate over why people can't keep their mouths closed. Sanders L
Yawning and its physiological significance. Gupta S et al.
Is yawning a tool for wakefulness or for sleep ? Arbuck D PDF
Why do we yawn Burk W
The neural basis of contagious yawning
Contagious yawning: the role of self-awareness and mental state attribution
Yearning to yawn: the neural basis of contagious yawning
Empathy and contagion of yawning
Yawning scale
A Metaphor: religious beliefs exist because yawning is contagious
Teive HAG, Munhoz RP, Camargo CHF, Walusinski O. Yawning in neurology: a review. Arq Neuropsiquiatr. 2018;l76(7):473-480 
Walusinski O. Yawning in diseases European Neurology 2009;62(3):180-187
Walusinski O. Associated Diseases. Front Neurol Neurosci 2010;28:140-155
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On Yawning
the thesis of W. Seuntjens
Reuters Agency 2010
Neurofisiología del bostezar y estirarse: su ontogenia y filogenia
Examining the connection between yawning and depression
Excessive yawning and sleepy attacks
Yawning Scale / Estimation des bâillements
Yawning by Henrietta Russell 1891 and pdf
Yawning : an evolutionary perspective
Content and Contagion in Yawning Sarnecki J
Moëbius' syndrome and Yawning
Knowledge, attitude and beliefs of medical reaasidents on yawning
Yawning : comparative study of knowledge and beliefs, popular and medical
Yawning as a communicative behavior in dogs
Stretching and yawning witht Yeats and Pound
Yawning for a cup of coffee








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